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A damaged stoop or staircase at the entryway to a home is not only unsightly, but potentially dangerous as it could lead to trips and falls. 5 Star Masonry is a team of expert masons, equipped to construct a new stoop or staircase to enhance safety and add curb appeal to your home. With our highly trained, experienced, and passionate professionals, we can create an outdoor entryway to wow every homeowner and guest.

We understand that life and dozens of other projects sometimes get in the way of outdoor home repairs. However, should you have to decide between a stoop or staircase repair, or another, a stoop or staircase should be at the top of your list. With excessive wear and tear from walking and weather, staircases can become in disrepair and dangerous easily.

 A professionally designed and installed staircase by 5 Star Masonry will enhance the value of a home and the safety or entrance and exit. We only use the finest stone, brick and cement, and state of the art techniques and equipment to design our staircases and stoops.

Trusted as a high end, professional, and expert masonry company on Long Island, 5 Star Masonry is here to handle your stoop and staircase masonry needs. Contact us today to get started with your custom design.